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New Bulletstorm Launch Trailer, Plus More Ways Coming to Access Gears 3 Beta
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New Bulletstorm Launch Trailer, Plus More Ways Coming to Access Gears 3 Beta

Every game needs a bucket wheel.

If your day was anything like mine, you got up, fed a baby, fed 55 pounds of pugs, then went back to sleep. Then you got up, fed the baby again, strapped her in a car seat, and headed to the nearest retailer to pick up a preordered copy of Bulletstorm, which you paid in full a month ago.  Amazon deals be damned.  (Serioulsy, Amazon, could I get a little more notice next time? Please?)  If you are still on the fence about Bulletstorm, here's a launch trailer to get your blood pumping.  It looks like good, clean fun for the whole family. (If the whole family is over 17, or 18 if you are from PEGI land.)

Gamers who preordered Bulletstorm on the Xbox 360 will receive early access to the Gears of War 3 beta.  For those of you who aren't picking up Bulletstorm, but still want to get you Gears 3 beta on, there may be other options.  CVG.com has stated that "Epic Games has confirmed that there will be other ways to get into the Gears of War 3 beta aside from picking up Bulletstorm." What these ways are, exactly, is still unknown.  More information will be out later this week.

Okay, so the soldiers may look like they're straight out of Gears, the ships may look like flying lancers, and their guns don't have chainsaws.  But did you hear the cool pirate rhyme at the end?  Looks like there is more story here than I previously expected, which was absolutely none.  Stay tuned for an upcoming Co-Op review.

Bulletstorm is available today on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.  It supports a four player online co-op Anarchy mode.

Source: Computerandvideogames.com