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RIFT Swag Bag and Game Giveaway
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RIFT Swag Bag and Game Giveaway

New MMORPG launches are usually a pretty big deal, especially when there's a lot of people excited about it.  With over 1 million registered accounts already -  RIFT is looking to make a name for itself in the MMORPG space.   Developed Trion the game is out on PCs today.  We had an extensive preview of the game a few weeks back and now you can get your hands on the title too.  

To celebrate the launch we've got a RIFT swag bag to giveaway to one lucky winner.

The world of Rift is called Telara and it is a violent and unstable world.  Telara is overlapped with six other planes of existence: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Life, and Death. Frequently, one of these planes will tear into Telara creating a rift which allows creatures from that plane to enter the world.  

Here's what's included in the prize pack we are giving away:

1 Copy of RIFT

1 Steel Series RIFT Mouse Pad

1 Hardcover RIFT Graphic Novel from DC Comics

1 8GB RIFT USB Stick

1 RIFT "sack"

To enter the contest all you need to do is tell us which plane of existence is your favorite.  Leave that in the comments section below and you'll automatically be entered to win.  We'll draw a winner on Friday, March 4th.  This contest is open to anyone.  We should also note that, as RIFT is an MMO, you will need a monthly subscription to play after the first month.

Good luck and happy Rifting!