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Dead Island Logo Gets Altered, Game is More "Borderlands" Than "Heavy Rain"
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Dead Island Logo Gets Altered, Game is More "Borderlands" Than "Heavy Rain"

Dead Island's logo is getting a good old fashioned censoring.  The "I" has been reworked for North American audiences. Apparently, the hanging zombie was a little too insensitive, never mind the fact that this imagery is a staple of the western movie industry.  Maybe it was the palm tree that set people off.  Silly physics! Those fronds wont's support the weight of a zombie. At least, not an adult zombie.  A hanging child zombie? Now that would have been offensive.  

Oh wait.  The Dead Island marketing machine already chucked a kid out a window in what was deemed the greatest trailer of all time. Seriously. Google "Dead Island Trailer" and "greatest of all time."  So what floats your boat people, racially charged imagery or violence against children?  Your move internets.  You can read more to see a fake "fixed" version of the logo, and the real "fixed" version.  On a side note, hanging must have been something done in polite company in Europe, because their version of the logo will remain untouched.

In other Dead Island news, don't compare the game to Heavy Rain.  Publisher Deep Silver hates that.  In an interview with, Dead Island producer Sebastian Reichert said, "That was awful for us," when asked about the comparison.  He went on to explain,

I mean, let's be honest, we will be an action game - you will have a serious approach to the zombie setting but we will be an action game. 

We won't be a dialogue-based game that revolves around emotion. We will have strong elements from examples like Borderlands that will keep you playing.

We are more like a core game with a serious approach. Yes, of course we like it that people compare us with such great games like Heavy Rain, but we also have to face the fact that we are not Heavy Rain. That's just a fact.

When four player co-op games start throwing around names like Borderlands, you have our attention. Borderlands may have been short on story but was huge for co-op play.   We'll have to wait and see just how much action Dead Island brings to the table later this year.  

Dead Island will support four player online co-op, and it will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Fixed! My check better be in the mail.

Nah, here's the real one from IGN.  I like mine better.  Headless levitating zombies could sell games, people!