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Darkspore Beta Results In, Release Delayed To Address Issues
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Darkspore Beta Results In, Release Delayed To Address Issues

Remember when Beta meant that a game was being released to a select market to see what works and what doesn't? Darkspore on PC played the Beta release correctly and listened to the feedback of the Beta players in order to optimize the game upon release. Delaying Darkspore in all of its Spore-style action by a month to make fixes is a much better solution than pushing the game out and having to wait for patches in order to enjoy your purchase.

We've received really positive feedback about the game, as well as some suggestions of things you'd like to see. We're really close, but in order to make the best game possible, the team has decided to take additional time to incorporate more of your feedback.

For those curious, there will be another Beta (open this time) some time before the release in order to really make sure the game can handle everything we as gamers can throw at it. Trying out that co-op to test latency and such? Yes, please. Look for a release date of April 28th with your fingers crossed - or at least keep an eye out for the next Beta testing phase.

Update:  The beta is now out on Steam for anyone to download and check out.  Also, there's a special pre-order price going on that's co-op friendly - order three copies of the game and get the fourth free.

Source: Eurogamer.net

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