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Claim your key to try the upcoming action-tower defense game, Voodolls, while supplies last!

We're giving away Voodolls Closed Beta Keys for PC!

VooDolls is an upcoming Steam game from French developer SideRift and Tate Multimedia in which a team of living voodoo dolls must work together to protect their puppet master from hordes of angry demons. The full game is scheduled to arrive on Steam in April, but the Voodolls closed beta runs from January 1-23. We've go...

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Still have an opportunity to try and get in

The Division 2 Private Beta Kicks Off Tomorrow

By the end of March, we will not be in short supply of "loot shooters." Destiny 2 has seen a resurgence thanks to the "Forsaken" expansion and the steady roll-out of content ever since, Bioware's Anthem drops in just a couple weeks, and Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is just a month away from hitting the scene. If the latter's more "realistic" take on the genre (i.e., you're not shooting lasers or flying around in mech suits), and want to check it out before March 15, then you've got a little bit of time to try and get into the Private Beta that starts tomorrow.

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