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Rumor - Army of Two Getting Reinforcements
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Rumor - Army of Two Getting Reinforcements

Yesterday Andrew and I started a damage spree on Army of Two: The 40th Day; an unfinished spree that will ultimately be our next This Week in Co-Op article. Regaling our past experiences and simultaneously knocking heads in Shanghai reminded us just how much fun the game is when playing co-op.

Little did we know that a related rumor was already circulating the internet: EA is apparently hiring anew in an effort to invigorate the Army of Two franchise. Furthermore, it seems that the series has been placed in the hands of Visceral Games, the studio responsible for the Dead Space series (and, if I may add, a couple of my personal local co-op favorites - 007: Everything or Nothing and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King).

Someone's ears must really be burning over at EA this week.

Source: Eurogamer.net