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This Week in Co-op: X-Men: The Arcade Game, an Achievement based Tragedy - Page 2

Wolverine regretted the day he had the words "Press Start" tattooed onto his nipples

Even the thought of being the little known thrower of sparkly whatnots didn’t stop a final plucky player from partaking in our posse.  Fully outfitted with 6 players on Expert difficulty the game was on, as was the hunt for achievements.  All went well until level 4.

All you have to do is not press A on level 4.

My friend’s words echoed through my ears.

He failed to tell me that when you die you need to press A to continue and use another credit.  I never pressed A, I never continued and I lost my place in the team.  It was only a few seconds, but by the time I had realized my mistake I had lost credit for playing levels 1-3.  Gone were the 85Gs I had longed for so cravenly.  The rest of the game session passed in a blur as I strove to see through my veil of tears.  A great game was being soured by the loss of imaginary tokens – a game that had been developed long before the achievements system was even a twinkle in Microsoft’s eye.  

The moral of this story?  Love the game and not the achievements.  I may have lost out in achievement points, but I gained a lot more in terms of playing a great game with some great people.  I can always go back and play the game again at a later date (and I since have).  X-Men Arcade is the perfect example of old school gaming taking advantage of the modern online world.



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