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Trenched is Priced and Dated, New Video Reveals Intro Cinematic
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Trenched is Priced and Dated, New Video Reveals Intro Cinematic

Double Fine's Brad Muir is a man I can relate to.  The project lead for Trenched knows his way around a press release.  Allow me to quote him:

You’re probably not even reading this part of the press release right now because we sent a video along with it.  And honestly that’s fine; the video has all the information you need.  Except the price.  Oh crap we forgot to put that in the video.  Ok I’ll just say it right here.  It’s 1200 Microsoft Points.  Did you get that?  Maybe we should make that bold if you’re going to have it in a quote like this.

Mr. Muir, I totally understand.  I think this will be the third video I post today.  You know what's great about videos? No reading. That's why I post them.  All I have to do is write something remotely informative while keeping it light and entertaining.  Eight to twelve lines of text usually does the trick.  Maybe I'll even accuse random readers of having a tattoo that says "poop party," just to keep them on their toes.  But who am I kidding? You're watching the video already.  I hope you're enjoying it.

Muir even threw a little co-op love toward  the end of the press release:

We’re super excited to unleash TRENCHED into the wild.  I’ve always loved co-op games and it’s awesome to contribute with a game like this.

Trenched will launch on the Xbox Live Arcade on June 22, in case you missed it.  The title will cost you 1200 MSP, if you already forgot.  (What are you? A amnesiatic goldfish?)  It will also support four player online co-op. You can see our hands-on preview here, and then check out a beer-swilling Brad Muir in a dev diary here.