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Bodycount Rises Shortly Before E3
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Bodycount Rises Shortly Before E3

(This news bit - and its ridiculous, misleading, and super-corny title - is exactly why you name a game Bodycount. It's built-in public relations, and it's so hard for guys like me not to take the bait.)

With all of the co-op news this week many games are easily forgotten. Case in point: Bodycount. What happened to it? According to Codemasters...nothing. Creator Stuart Black left Codemasters last year, and as such the game's profile in the media waned. But in late May some blogs began asking around, and Codemasters answered.

Game director Andrew Wilson spent some time this week ensuring that Bodycount would see release, even confirming the target date of  August 26th. In case you're still in doubt, check out the screenshots below.