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GameDaily HUD: Religious Recall Edition
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GameDaily HUD: Religious Recall Edition

This week's HUD we are joined by special guest Charles Husemann from Gaming Nexus.  As usual the questions are varied, and our panel of 10 get right down to it.  So what's on tap?

  1. What are you playing?
  2. Dead Space has been hailed by some as the scariest game they've ever played. Which game got you spooked, and how does it compare to the scariest movie you've even seen?
  3. The Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 in Japan for the first time last month; and thanks to Sept.'s price drop, it outsold the PS3 again in the US too. Is this indicative of a larger trend towards the 360? Or is this generation's console wars still too close to call?
  4. How do you play games for work (review, preview, etc)? Do you play differently than you do for recreation?

Do you folks think the console wars are over?  What about the scariest game and or scariest movie?