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Dead Island

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Dead Island Patched on PC, Save Bug Fixed
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Dead Island Patched on PC, Save Bug Fixed

Dead Island has received a major patch on the PC, fixing numerous bugs including the dreaded save corruption issue, random freezes in four player co-op, and added an option to disable voice chat in co-op games.  There's a whole host of fixes in place, which hopefully means, the team is going full steam ahead on the survival mode DLC which is expected next month.


  • Fixed running game on Steam in offline mode
  • Fixed damaged saves when a player has more than 190 items in inventory (weapon or stacked items, counting in items from Jin's storage and player inventory). Corrupted savegames will be recovered when possible.
  • Fixed problems with unlocking "There and back again" with progress 72/72
  • Fixed duplicating weapons when throwing and dropping at one time / when dropping items from inventory
  • Optimized scanning for friends-process, to decrease lobby server workload
  • Fixed random freezes when playing 4 players coop no longer appear 
  • Fixed issues when using medkits from inventory menu 
  • Stacking items issue solved: miscellaneous items to 9999, medkits and alcohol to 30 instead of 10. 
  • Added the option to disable voice chat in game. 
  • Limited Jin's storage capacity to 150 
  • Fixed: disappearing items when there is no place in inventory and a player tries to get an item from Jin's storage 
  • Improved trading: items will be removed from the smallest stack instead of a random one. 
  • Fixed problems with corrupted profiles, which caused the game to start with black screen and freeze. 
  • Fixed levitating zombies after killing 
  • Fixed not being able to show quest details in quest menu using Xbox controller