Rayman Origins

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10 Things I Rayman About You
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10 Things I Rayman About You

There are more videos out for Rayman Origins that show 10 ways to move and/or die

The best things come in tens; ten toes, ten fingers, Ten Commandments, Ten Ton Tessa the lass down the road.  Ubisoft obviously agrees with me as they have produced a series of videos highlighting ten things in Rayman: Origins.  We've already seen 10 Ways to Fight, but how about the useful 10 Ways to Get Around?  Or the less pleasant 10 Ways to Die?

Having previewed Rayman: Origins, Co-Optimus already knows that the game is a frantic and fun 4 player co-op experience that should not be overlooked just because the graphics are 2D.  The release date is 15th November on Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstaion 3, so it won't be long until the definitive co-op review.


Source: Youtube.com