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CCV Blog Update December 2011
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CCV Blog Update December 2011

We're half way through December already! That means it's time for a Co-Optimus Community Voice update. This month, we asked you to pick your Game of the Year and write about it. Several users have shared their thoughts, and chosen some stellar games. I think I say this every year, but this year may take the cake; it's been a great year to be a gamer. So let's review what you've been talking about.

Raines broke it down into categories:

Choosing a GOTY is a tricky process. There's so many variables to consider, such as the game's story, it's gameplay, it's look & sound, and for some it's multiplayer. 2011 was an absolutely stellar year for gamers like me, so let's break it down into categories

Zonf picked his GOTHY (Game of the Half Year)

When I learnt about Portal 2's co-op campaign (note Campaign not Mode), and the two adorable test robots Atlas and P-body, my excitement for the game rose quite quickly. When release day came, I picked up the game and started to play... the main problem with this, is that I couldn't stop playing!

Both posts are great reads! We still have two weeks to go so, if you haven't already, pick your Game of the Year and write about it in your blog. If blogging isn't your thing, the Quick and Easy Game of the Year Thread on our forums is another fun way to share your thoughts. Heck, why not do both?