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Our Weekend in Gaming - Ghost Bustin' Edition
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Our Weekend in Gaming - Ghost Bustin' Edition

That damn thing song keeps playing over and over in our heads.  And you know what?  It never gets old.

Nick "bapenguin" Puleo - "I plan on finishing up Ghostbusters, and probably playing some DS titles.  Perhaps I'll fire up Prototype as well."

Katrina "ShadokatRegn" Pawlowski - "It's gonna be a Ghostbusters weekend, with maybe a bit of Damnation if there's time!"

Mike "pheriannath" Katsufrakis - "There is a chance I'll be playing something super secret, but I'm toying with the idea of picking up Ghostbusters for some weekend fun.  Barring that, it'll be some more Knights in the Nightmare and perhaps some Gunstar Heroes and Crackdown."

Jason "OrigamiPanther" Love - "I'll be playing a beta of the new PowerPoint 2: Return of Deathby. Like LittleBigPlanet, it's a competitive co-op experience wherein you work with a buddy to develop something, but your buddy can also smack you in the face and hamper your progression. After I exhaust myself diving into the full experience of that, I might play some Under a Killing Moon, a mid-90s FMV graphic adventure that's seeing new life over at gog.com and that I highly recommend to all you adventure game fans."

Jim "txshurricane" McLaughlin - "I'll probably be playing a lot more Ghostbusters and revisiting Rainbow Six Vegas 2 once again. Beyond that, I'm pretty open if I'm online."

Loren "AgtFox" Halek - "Ghostbusters and Tiger Woods 10 on the Wii."

What are your gaming plans?