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Upcoming Magicka Expansion Will be Bad to the Bone
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Upcoming Magicka Expansion Will be Bad to the Bone

My, how the tables have turned!

While people could have stuck around a bit longer during our recent Co-Op Night (bunch of sleepy heads!), Magicka continues to be one of the more popular games on Steam. The DLC alone has sold over 4 million pieces on top of the main game's 1.3 million sales (I'm sure the Steam holiday sale prices didn't hurt). Naturally, Swedish fish developer Paradox Inreractive is following up with another expansion: 'The Other Side of the Coin.' The twist: it lets players take on the role of the bad guys for a change. That's all I need to know - I've been wanting to beat up on the robed do-gooders for a while now.

Paradox hasn't released any screens of the new expansion yet, so enjoy this bizarre live-action trailer for the previous one, 'The Stars are Left' instead:

Magicka is a four-player action-RPG with an extremely unique spellcrafting system. By stringing together different combinations of the 8 elements, gamers can create an amazing variety of spells. Charming graphics and a nice sense of humor make the game hard to resist, however buggy it may be. See our full co-op review for more details.