Mass Effect 3

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Xbox Live Mass Effect 3 Demo to Come With Limited Gold Access
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Xbox Live Mass Effect 3 Demo to Come With Limited Gold Access

MIcrosoft are offering Silver XBLA members limited Gold access when they try out the Mass Effect 3 demo

With money currently tighter than a screw after a World's Strongest Man DIY Challenge, a demo is a great way of checking out a game before buying it full price. On the Xbox 360, single player demos can be tried by all (eventually), but multiplayer demos are only accessible to Gold members. No Mass Effect 3 co-op demo for you! That is until Microsoft announced limited Gold access for Silver members who try out the Mass Effect 3 demo.

Access to Gold Live membership is perhaps not that significant for Co-Optimus readers; we need Gold to play co-op! However, this is a great opportunity to rope some of your co-op shy friends into having a game or ten with you. It appears that this Gold trial will only give you access to Mass Effect 3 (despite the poor wording ot Microsoft's press release below):

In celebration of ME3, Xbox is pleased to provide fans access to ME3 demo multiplayer for the time leading to launch. Xbox LIVE Gold gives you exclusive benefits including multiplayer gaming, member-only deals & previews, and access to entertainment with Netflix, ESPN, Hulu Plus and more.

Mass Effect 3 is due out on the 6th March and has a set of 4 player co-op missions, alongside the already awesome single player experience.


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