Mass Effect 3

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Mass Effect 3 Free Co-Op DLC is out NOW!
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Mass Effect 3 Free Co-Op DLC is out NOW!

It was only last week we learned that Mass Effect 3's Rebellion Pack would be coming out this week.  Guess what?  It's this week already...hell it's almost friggin Friday.  That means it's out.  Free Mass Effect 3 DLC is out!

 We didn't want you to forget you'll have access to six new character classes including the Vorcha Soldier, Quarian Infiltrator, and Ex-Cereberus Vanguard.  We definitely didn't want you to forget the two new co-op maps - Firebase Jade and Firebase Goddess.  Finally we definitely had to remind you the free DLC opens up 3 new weapons, new mission objectives and a new gear slot.

Boy do we feel a lot better after telling you that!  You can snag the 360 version by hitting the link below or grab the PS3 version and PC version by hitting the respective marketplaces of PSN or Origin.


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