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Mass Effect 3

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Preorder Mass Effect 3 on PSN and Get Great Bonus Content
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Preorder Mass Effect 3 on PSN and Get Great Bonus Content

With Mass Effect 3 preordering now available, those that do buy the game over the PlayStation Network will have something extra included along with it.

After 1 week of playing the Mass Effect 3 demo, BioWare has expressed their sincere gratitude with all the results and feedback they’ve been getting from the gaming community.The single player and multiplayer demos have been huge hits thus far, which are undoubtely shaping up to bring us one of the best gaming experiences of this entire year.

Now that the game is available for preordering, BioWare and EA will be including bonus content for anyone who decides to buy the digital copy of Mass Effect 3 specifically over the PSN. When the game becomes available on March 6th, those that preordered will receive the in-game M55 Argus rifle downloadable content to enhance the already amazing gaming experience you'll be having.

What is the Argus rifle? It is a high-powered, burst shooting weapon that is ideal for close-range firefights and conserving ammo. In the story, the law-enforcement groups around the Mass Effect universe have adopted this rifle to replace their previously standard ones, mainly for intimidation and suppression purposes

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the Argus rifle, not one but two special Mass Effect 3: "Take Back Earth" themes will be included with the offer, giving you more a reason to flaunt your video game nerdiness.

Check them out below!

Just remember that this offer will not be available come release, so be sure to preorder Mass Effect 3 on the PlayStation Network a.s.a.p.

The game will be going for the normal price tag of $59.99, so save up now! You won't regret it.