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Beyond Co-Op - October 26th through November 1st
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Beyond Co-Op - October 26th through November 1st

Every week Beyond Co-Op brings you what you may or may not have missed in this wide world of gaming.  Some pretty exciting things happened this week including some top quality demos, some big name games, and of course - some controversy.  Read on!


4 Free Maps for Battlefield: Bad Company

EA and DICE released 4 free maps for their shooter, Battlefield: BadCompany.  The maps - chosen by community vote - are Par for the Course, Acta Non Verba, Ghost Town and Crossing Over. In addition PS3 owners who grab the Community Choice Map Pack will also receive Trophy support for the game.

Source - Colony of Gamers


Fallout 3 Hits Store Shelves

Bethesda, makers of RPGs Oblivion and Morrowind, have released Fallout 3.  The game has been getting tremendous praise around the gaming world for great visuals, solid story, and amazing gameplay.  The above picture is of the truly awesome Amazon Exclusive version of the game.  Interested in picking the game up?  Use one of the links below to support Co-Optimus.


Mirror's Edge Demo Hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Mirror's Edge is a first person platformer with a focus on fast running and quick escapes.  The demo for the game has finally hit both platforms, and the game should be released sometime next month.


Brutal Legend Move Slowed by Activision/Blizzard

Like Blood on the Sand and Ghostbusters, Tim Schaeffer's Brutal Legend got the short end of the stick in the Activision/Vivendi merger.  According to Joystiq, the game is currently having a hard time finding a new publisher because Activision is asking for an obscene amount of money to transfer the license.  The rumor goes as far to say that DoubleFine Studios has found a new publisher, but the big A won't let them go.

Source - Joystiq


Original Mo-Cap Reference Video for Prince of Persia

This one comes from the TRULY awesome department.  Jordan Mechner, original creator of the calssic PC and Amiga game Prince of Persia has released his reference video that he used for motion capture of the prince.  Basically he video tapes his little brother doing the moves and then rotoscoped the tapes into real game animation.  To put it bluntly, this is pretty fricking awesome.

Prince of Persia Animation Reference 1985 from jordan mechner on Vimeo.