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How Microsoft Will Keep Society and Sonic Staying on the Move
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How Microsoft Will Keep Society and Sonic Staying on the Move

We all like having our favorite games on us when we are on the go, but what if I told you can take a game you play on your TV and pick up right where you left off on your phone? Well, Sonic 4: Episode II will now feature this convenient synchronizing capability come release!

Sonic is a character that is always on the move and is rarely seen standing still (much like most of our society today), so why not have his persona/game match your daily routine too? Luckily for us, Sega's already looked into our modern mannerisms and thought about this well in advance.With the addition of being able to play on one screen and then pick up from where you left off on another, this little bit of news takes gaming on the go to a whole new level. Isn’t technology pretty awesome these days?

Sonic’s digital brand manager, Ken Balough, told OXM that synchronizing saves across multiple platforms has been sought after for a while now, but Sega is one of the first to actually implement it into their games. While this does mean that gamers will have to purchase both Xbox and Windows phone versions of the game for this capability to work, Sonic fans will still have another reason to brag about their beloved hedgehog standing the test of time and keeping up with it very nicely.

Watch a small interview about why Episode II will rock this time around, featuring Balough himself:


So will this convince some of you to purchase the Windows phone for this type of gaming on the go, or will it simply be another addition to breeze over? What types of games do you like to play on the go? Leave us a comment below!

Again, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II will be available come May 16th for practically every platform but the Nintendo Wii.