A Valley Without Wind

  • Online Co-Op: 16 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 16 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
A Valley Without Wind Coming to Steam on April 16th
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A Valley Without Wind Coming to Steam on April 16th

Arcen games have announced that their unique looking action/adventure/Minecraft-ish game, A Valley Without Wind, will be coming to a computer near you via Steam on April 16th.  The game has had a lengthy beta but seems just about ready for prime time as there is almost daily builds released to all testers.  We've been following the game since it's original inception as a top down title and it's come a long, long way.

What's Left To Do?
 Then it's a focus on:

- Polish
- Bugfixes
- Player-requested tweaks and additions
- More enemies, including enemy elites and boss modifiers
- More spells
- More guardian power scrolls
- More mission activities
- Possibly a few more enchants, although there are already hundreds of thousands of permutations of these.

You can pre-order A Valley Without Wind right now via Steam the official website  only $9.99, though that price increases to $14.99 once the game goes live.   Once the game is live on Steam you can then use your key to unlock the full version on Steam.  The game will also be available on GamersGate and Impulse.  We'll be chatting with Arcen games at PAX East in just two weeks about the title, so be sure to check back to Co-Optimus for full coverage!

Source: Arcengames.blogspot.com