A Valley Without Wind

  • Online Co-Op: 16 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 16 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
A Valley Without Wind Launches on Steam, On Sale Through May 1st
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A Valley Without Wind Launches on Steam, On Sale Through May 1st

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Co-Optimus has been covering Arcen Games' PC and Mac title A Valley Without Wind in pre-release form for over a year. At long last, A Valley Without Wind is available on Steam, the platform of choice for many computer gamers. What's more, through May 1 you can get it for $13.49 - ten percent off the regular price of $14.99. It's also available on GamersGate and Impulse.

A Valley Without Wind is an exploration-based platformer with a focus on character building and crafting. Think of it as a sort of cross between Metroid and Minecraft. Terraria comparisons would also be fair, though this game has much more challenging combat and a lot more content to boot. Xbox 360 controller support makes the platforming a pleasure, but many of the menus are built with mouse and keyboard in mind.

Key features:

  • Travel alone or with friends across an ever-expanding world of dangerous creatures, powerful magic, high technology, and mysteries.
  • You have choice. The world of Environ is procedurally generated, and lets you go anywhere you see -- including right into the overlord's keep at any time. (Good luck with that.)
  • Environ is endless. When you save one continent from an overlord, a larger and more complex continent appears.
  • The game adapts to how you play: as you demonstrate your proficiency, monsters upgrade accordingly. Killed 100 bats? Okay, time for... bats on fire!
  • Crazy amounts of character customization. Combine a multitude of spells, enchants, and equipment to create specialized character builds.
  • Play as a long line of brave adventurers. It's not a question of IF your character is going to die, but WHEN. Any character that dies is permanently lost, but you keep all your inventory, enchants, and general progress in the game.
  • Become a community leader. Rescue NPCs, have them join your settlement, and construct buildings for them -- they may return the favor and help you.
  • Be a clever problem-solver. Challenges have more than one solution, each with its own pros and cons. You get to figure things out rather than just jumping through a set of hoops.
  • Difficulty levels give exactly the challenge you want, from casual to hardcore on both platforming and combat independently.
  • New updates are arriving all the time packed with additional content, improvements, and more.

A Valley Without Wind apparently supports up to 16 player online co-op. Even better, PC and Mac gamers can play together. If you're a fan of exploration-based games, you'll want to give this one a look. We'll have a full co-op review soon!

Source: Store.steampowered.com