Anarchy Reigns

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Insane New Videos For Anarchy Reigns Feature Five Multiplayer Modes, Three New Charcters
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Insane New Videos For Anarchy Reigns Feature Five Multiplayer Modes, Three New Charcters

What's that I see? Is that a woman dual-wielding flaming fans about to start a fight with oncoming traffic? It must be time for an Anarchy Reigns update!

Holy crap, we've got some good stuff in these videos today. In case you missed it, Anarchy Reigns is a multiplayer fighting game that features a rather eclectic group of fighters. From the videos I've seen, and my time with the game at E3, I can tell you the world of Anarchy Reigns is a demented Battle Royale featuring brutal combat and over-the-top super moves. Aside from the single player campaign, free-for-all deathmatches, and several team-based multiplayer versus modes, there's also a co-op survival mode. The latest video from Platinum Games, via Andriasang, explains five of these modes. The video is in Japanese, but it's pretty easy to figure out what's going on. Okay, maybe not, but look at all that reigning anarchy!

Is that a giant sea monster at 2:18? Let's fight it!

Judging from my limited knowledge of Japanese and my rudimentary ability to count, it appears that the survival mode will be a three player affair, which confirms our expectations. It seems like players will take on waves of cookie cutter grunts and then be faced with a boss. That works.

You may have noticed some new characters in the video, mainly three new female fighters. They're sister assassins, and their names are Fei Rin, Rin Rin, and Ai Rin. We've got video and screens of all three of them in action. The femme fatales are armed with an Ice Spear, Flaming Fans, and Electric Nunchaku, you know, standard gear. Every Anarchy Reigns character video has included a strange or silly message, but Rin Rin's may be the best. Who am I kidding? It is the best.

Fei Rin: Luck may be a lady...

Rin Rin: Fan her flames of battle...

Ai Rin: Sugar and spice...

Anarchy Reigns supports three player online co-op. It will launch stateside on July 3rd for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.