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Halo 4

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Live Action Halo 4 - The Extended Cut
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Live Action Halo 4 - The Extended Cut

One minute of 'live' action Halo 4 sets the tone of the game

In this world of global events, some people may be unawares that it is currently the football European Championship held in Poland and the Ukraine.  Not big co-op news in itself, but if there is one thing that will get millions of English people around their TV, its soccer.  Seeing this potential audience, Microsoft cleverly released their extended live action trailer for Halo 4 during the half time adverts of England vs France.  Courtesy of the Tube of You, we can also get a glimpse of the video.

Microsoft's blurb says


The stunning live-action trailer gives a tantalising glimpse into the "Halo 4" storyline and shows the Master Chief on the planet Requiem, about to face an unknown and terrifying threat that sits at the heart of the Halo 4 campaign.

Enjoy all 1 minutes of it!  (Not that extended then)