Firefall's Beta Yielding Huge Changes
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Firefall's Beta Yielding Huge Changes

If you've been in the Firefall beta, you've no doubt realized the game has gone through copious amounts of changes.  We've been watching the title for quite a while, seeing a giant booth at nearly every trade show we've been to in the past 3 years.  It seems though, that with a beta test of 500k users strong, the free to play game is shaping up to be something truly special.  While most game's launch a beta months before release, Red 5 decided to open up the process much earlier allowing them to make more substantial changes to the core game.

Because it was so early we were able to make huge substantive changes within the game which I think people are going to be really thrilled with.

We changed everything, so whatever you had that was a favourite, we've likely changed it so that it's not as favourite as it used to be for you. In which case there's going to be a very long thread in our forums about how everyone hates the game for at least a week, I'd say.

The above quotes are from Red 5 CEO Mark Kern.  After which he went on to say that most of the balances they've been doing is to make the game feel more tactical.  They wanted to give each class a distinct feel so that cooperative play feels more natural.   

There's still no release date on Firefall, but after such substantial changes the team at Red 5 are (jokingly) calling the latest version Firefall 2.