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DOOM 3: BFG Edition Impressions, Co-Op Correction
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DOOM 3: BFG Edition Impressions, Co-Op Correction

PR Lines Get Crossed, No Co-Op Included

Running Co-Optimus is definitely a unique task within this industry.  It's not like other gaming news sites in that it's pretty obvious when you can cover a game.  An Xbox devoted site, for instance, always knows when a game is on the platform.  A racing game fan site knows when a game is about driving cars.  Co-Op though, isn't always cut and dry - and in the world of video game PR  - revealing your game has co-op isn't always in the cards until much later after a game is announced. 

Back in June we told you that the upcoming re-release of DOOM 3 on 360, PS3 and PC would feature co-op play.  Sadly it seems, because of some miscommunication between myself and PR that is not the case.  The only co-op inside the BFG edition's box comes from the XBLA versions of DOOM 1 and DOOM 2.  I made sure to clear this up directly with id's Tim Willits at PAX this past weekend.

I did get to sit down and play some of the BFG Edition on 360 in 3D.  The game holds up surprisingly well and the 3D effects were subtle.  While some of the backgrounds looked low poly, the character models really looked great and the animation on their movement carried weight.  Other enhancements like the flashlight are a nice addition and we were told that there are several balance tweaks and enhancement found throughout - it's not simply an upgraded port.  The game is utilizing a lot of tech from RAGE to do things like quick saves on console, better controls, and of course slicker visuals.

While we're bummed we won't be seeing co-op in DOOM 3, something that was only present in the Xbox version of the game, we'll keep our fingers crossed that DOOM 4 adds it back in.  It's a staple of the series and definitely something that helps keep the game fresh.