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4J Studios Nears Adventure Update Completion, New Details on Features
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4J Studios Nears Adventure Update Completion, New Details on Features

The 1.8.2 Adventure Update DLC of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is pretty much complete and will be sent off to Microsoft for certification in about one to two weeks, as stated in a tweet from developer 4J Studios. The final stretch is here and it couldn’t come any sooner.

The Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition 1.8.2 update will introduce the highly (from earlier than day one) anticipated Creative Mode, where players will have unlimited amounts of every Minecraft object and material at their disposal to create massive, artistic projects on Superflat worlds. The way the game is now, it would take an absurd amount of time and effort to construct the projects frequently found on the PC version, and adventuring types of gamers out there are left wanting more than there is to offer now. With the multiple additions this update will grant to the game, it should breath a nice big breathe of fresh air into the lungs of Xbox Minecrafters hungry for more.

Previously mentioned Strongholds are the new dungeons of this update, giving players one reason to begin adventuring and seeking out these monster and treasure filled lairs to conquer. Newly acquired environments, such as Abandoned Mineshafts, Ravines, Mountain and Swamp biomes (naturally generated areas), and even random NPC Villages to interact with should keep the adventurers busy with exploration. The new Hunger and Experience Bars will also contribute immensely to the exploration and “staying on the move” aspects of this game. However, be warned: you’ll most likely have to create a new World to see many of these environmental changes be incorporated, as Minecraft cannot generate new terrain on previously established ones (otherwise Strongholds might pop up in your precious Slime farms, etc.). Items, mobs, food, and game mechanics will still work in pre-DLC created Worlds, so don’t worry too much about starting all of your hard work over again.

Creative Mode is pretty much done now," 4J Studios’ Patty Burns said about the 1.8.2 update. "One of the challenges was to try to keep the number of groups in the menu down, while also trying to plan for the space required for the new items coming in the near future. The last thing we want to do is to have the players learn where items are in the Creative Inventory Menu, and then have to re-learn when the next update comes out. We will have a new tab coming for potions in a future update, but we've got the space to fit that.

Burns continued on saying that players will be able to grab a taste of the Adventure Update before they play it via the already substantial content found only on Tutorial World of the Xbox 360 Edition. The Tutorial world will house 12 additional hidden chests and feature Strongholds, Villages, etc. with the previous tutorial training area placed directly within it; a great opportunity for new players to Minecraft to experience the game and the new DLC content all at once.

Everything beyond the training area has changed. We're also added a few new mini-tutorials for the 1.8.2 features. We previously added some Easter Eggs elements for a bit of fun, and it went down very well with the players, so we've expanded these and tried to be pretty devious with our hiding places for some. It'll be good to see how quickly they are found this time!

With the Adventure Update right around the corner, gamers and loyal Minecrafters will see a dramatic change in the way people will play Minecraft. Whether it be for adventure or creation (or both), everyone wins with this new update. Don’t miss out when it comes!

Source: Oxm.co.uk