Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
EDF 3: Portable Trailer is the Best Thing You'll See All Day
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EDF 3: Portable Trailer is the Best Thing You'll See All Day

PaleWing in the house!

The EDF is back and better than ever! Earth Defense Forces 3: Portable launches for the Playstation Vita tomorrow. EDF3: Portable is a portable... port of the cult classic Earth Defense Force 2017. Now it features four player online co-op and the flying PaleWing character from Earth Defense Force 2, AKA Global Defense Force, which was never released in the US. The bad news is that this new iteration of the third person bug buster is only available in Japan (for now).

The amazing news is this four minute long live action trailer. It's full of all that EDF 2017 campy wonderfulness that made the budget title such a memorable experience. Don't worry if you don't speak Japanese. All you need to know is the PaleWing is back, and the special effects are truly special. Sit back and enjoy. 

This is one of those times where I just want to fill the rest of the post with a bunch of exclamation points, but I'll restrain myself. 

Earth Defense Forces 3: Portable hits Japanese store shelves on September 27th. It doesn't have a stateside release date, yet. This makes me sad. But then I look at the image below and I'm happy again. PaleWing, is there anything you can't make better?