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Fright of the Ninja Bee: A World of Keflings gets Scary DLC Video
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Fright of the Ninja Bee: A World of Keflings gets Scary DLC Video

The Curse of the Zombiesaurus DLC coming to Kelflings, watch the video

Earlier this year fans of A World of Keflings were asked to vote for what DLC they wanted for the game; Candy, Graveyard or Pirates.  Candy won the day and the DLC was duly revealed.  Ninja Bee are not the type of developer to let market research go to waste so they have decided to plunge deeper into the votes and produce some Graveyard style DLC in the form of The Curse of the Zombiesaurus, due October 17th.

Zombiesaurus will take the usual form of resource gathering and building that made the core game a 4 out of 5 hit with Co-Optimus.  This time the surroundings will be a little more spooky as you are asked to help the likes of a vampire lord and his Frankenstein's Kefling friend.  

A World of Keflings has 2 player local co-op, as well as 4 player online co-op.  Ninja Bee have kindly provided some blurb to tell us what you can expect to tackle together this time around:

Put a horde of spooklings to work gathering bones, brimstone and ectoplasm in this macabre, amusing, night-time, graveyard kingdom! Build an eerie graveyard town for Wilhelm the grave keeper, Count Kefula and the other creepy Kefling residents of this chilling graveyard land. Horrifyingly strange creations await you as you create your spooky kingdom and work out how to deal with the largest, most horrifyingly strange creation of all... the Zombiesaurus!

Below is an introductory trailer for the DLC:

(thanks to fightclubdoll for the pun)


Source: Youtube.com

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