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343 Announces That Halo 4 Will Ship with Two Discs
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343 Announces That Halo 4 Will Ship with Two Discs

Two overflowing game discs for the price of one.

As it turns out, Halo 4 will be packing so much content that gamers will have two discs instead of one in their purchases.

343 Industries has released a statement earlier today detailing Halo 4’s discs, more specifically the two that everyone will be receiving when the game arrives next month. Due to the high amount of data needed to complete the Halo 4 experience, two discs will be included, but only the first disc will be needed past downloading the data from the second disc. All Halo 4 content, the “Spartan Ops” co-op mode, “War Games” multiplayer mode, and main campaign modes, will then be available to play completely through the first disc without having to change between discs thereafter.

Here's a leaked photo of what the two Halo 4 discs will look like when you get them in November

On the second disc is where all of the extensive co-op and multiplayer data is kept. It has been stated months ago that players will need (at the very least) 8 gigabytes worth of memory, either on your hard or flash drive, to store this content alone. So, we want everyone to be aware of this and to make sure to prepare yourself and your gaming console for the amount of data space required just for the non-single player modes.

For users with 20 gigabyte Xbox hard drives, this may make fitting Halo 4 into your gaming memory rather tight, so we recommend looking into a flash drive just in case. Microsoft has made sure to let gamers know that downloading the entire game onto their hard drives will allow for an “optimal gaming experience” on Halo 4. The required space to completely download Halo 4 to a hard drive, however, has not been officially announced.

Halo 4 will arrive in retail stores on November 6th (same day as the Presidential Election).

Source: Uk.gamespot.com