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Strangely Explored Lands...

Halo Wars 2 Co-Op Review

Early on in Halo Wars 2, I kept getting the feeling that I had lived this all before in an almost dream-like way. I played through campaign mission after mission, trying to shake the feeling and find my 'Ah-ha!' moment that would set the game apart, letting me tell my friends and associates of the special moments I wanted to share with...

by Christopher Metz 2
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Don't have the time to watch? Make the time. It's well worth it.

Hordes of Gears of War: Judgment Footage and Screenshots Hit the Internet

It is quite alright to be skeptical about another Gears of War game coming out so soon after the legendary trilogy was completed. However, don’t make a final judgment call before watching some epic gameplay videos and seeing some new screenshots first. It’s sort of hard not to get fired up about what’s to come out of Gears of War: Judgment next year from what we’ve seen here.

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