Worms Revolution

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Worms Revolution Funfair DLC Adds Much-Needed Sweets
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Worms Revolution Funfair DLC Adds Much-Needed Sweets

Worms Revolution may not be much of a co-op game (see our review), but it's still the best game in the Worms series. Packed with tons of weapons, all-new physics, and a wry sense of humor, it's a great way to blow up a few of your friends without having to clean up the mess afterward. Team17 always releases DLC for their Worms games, and now Revolution has its first release: The 'Funfair Pack.' How do a new background, puzzles, and dress up accessories sound to you?

The 'Worms Revolution Funfair Pack' includes:

  • New puzzle missions. Five new single-player puzzle missions.
  • Funfair theme. A stunning new Funfair theme for WormsRevolution that can be used in local and online matches.
  • 4 additional weapons. Armageddon, Skunk, Napalm Strike and the brand new Knock-Out weapon.
  • Funfair Themed Customization. Two new trinkets (Burger and Ice Cream), two new accessories (Red Nose and Masquerade Mask), a new gravestone (Rollercoaster Track) and a new Funfair soundbank.
  • Voice Over Talent. Matt Berry reprises his role as Don Keystone, the unseen narrator who will guide you through the five new puzzle levels.

The 'Funfair Pack' does not include new Achievements, though based on history we can be certain that one or more future DLC releases will. As such, this one's more about adding a quick bit of variety with weapons and the cheery backdrop rather than a substantial dose of content.

Worms Revolution Funfair Pack DLC

The 'Worms Revolution Funfair Pack' costs $4.99 or 400 MS Points, depending on the platform. Grab the Steam version here, the Xbox 460 version here, or the PSN version through your Playstation 3's storefront. The actual Worms Revolution game costs $14.99/1200 MS Points and supports 2-player local co-op and 4-player versus play.