Guardians of Middle-Earth

  • Online Co-Op: 5 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Eowyn and Mozgog Join the Roster for Guardians of Middle-Earth
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Eowyn and Mozgog Join the Roster for Guardians of Middle-Earth

MOBA gets More

Today we've got two more characters that have been revealed in the roster of 20 launch characters for Guardians of Middle-Earth.   The new characters are Eowyn, a defender, and Mozog, a warrior.  Each character serves a different purpose in the game, with the defender acting a support character - which is perfect for co-op while the warrior is your damage dealing class.

Eowyn's Abilities

Shieldmaiden: Shields self and nearby Allies
Great Renown: Heals Allies at the cost of own Health
Know My Fury: Roots nearby enemies
I Am No Man: Damages targets and stuns all Enemies

Mozog's Abilities

Berserker Rage: Increases own Movement and Attack Speeds, Health
Vile Taunt: Taunts Enemies and reflects Damage
Brutal Draught: Trades Health for increased Damage
Bloodied Blade: Area attack with Damage and Fear


Here's the current list of revealed characters, with just two remaining:   Gandalf, Gollum, Galadriel, Uglúk, Legolas, Witch-king, Hildifons, Sauron, Arathorn, Runsig, Nori, Wulfrun, Felgrom, Eowyn, Mozog, and Beregond.

Guardians of Middle-Earth will be released on December 4th on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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