Warframe Introduces Sweet Ninja Movement Options and Two New Characters
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Warframe Introduces Sweet Ninja Movement Options and Two New Characters

Look out, Ninja Gaiden!

We’ve been very interested in seeing Warframe's epic combat mechanics in full action, and we are closer than ever to that moment. The game is currently in beta format (you can join it by going here), but there’s still plenty of awesome changes going on behind the scenes that gamers ought to see, like kickass ninja moves.

For one, two new playable Warframes have been revealed: one that will boast ice powers, fittingly named “Frost” (featured on the right), and another that will have psychic powers, called “Nyx”. A new environment type called “Grineer” will include lots of cave and industrial power plant sort of terrain. Steve Sinclair of Digital Extremes has described some of these additions (after being caught off guard by the camerawoman) in a quick developer video shown below:

Finally, the most epic of the new content featured are the confirmed ninja-like movements that Warframes will be able to perform in combat. We were teased months ago about this with a video trailer, but nothing like what is shown in this brief video was displayed before. Sinclair clearly expresses his excitement for the mobility options, saying how “advanced players are not going to even touch the floor anymore.” Zip lines are also to make an appearance (not shown), so that should be interesting to see in the future.

Warframe has yet to announce a PC release date, but check out the beta and tell us what you think of the game so far!

Source: Warframe.com