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As you might expect, the Aliens session had drawn quite a crowd. When it came time to begin, the game masters counted players. Thirteen eager fans had assembled for some xenomorph slaying action. I was a bit apprehensive, sure that they would have to turn away someone. But this was not to be so. In fact, all but a couple players got to control two marines. Once we had deployed to our side of the table, no less than two dozen heavily armed marines stood, flamethrowers and pulse rifles at the ready.

With so many players, it was decided that we would move and act simultaneously. A marine had so many actions to spend on movement, shooting, or a combination. We tactically placed ourselves on the high ground, around corners, and in other relatively safe locations, Then, the aliens spawned, and the cycle began anew. Within a few short turns, the action was intense. Deadly alien blood sprayed. Marines were wounded. Slowly, we advanced to the objective, the egg nests.

And then, she arrived. The alien queen, annoyed by our intrusion into her lair, and by the deaths of so many of her children, appeared. Towering over the marines, she managed to skew a few victims with her wicked tail and claws. After a round of concentrated fire, though, she was slain, though she managed to take out a few more marines who had been to close with her acidic blood. The marines had completed the objective, and many high fives were exchanged and cheers exclaimed. 

I had a great timing playing this version of Aliens. To see such a fantastic tabletop setup was a true privilege. You can't help but appreciate the passion the game masters had to spend so much time, money, and effort in crafting such a masterpiece. I've never played anything like it, but you can bet I will be first in line at the next convention, spewing Hudson quotes and loving every minute of it.


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