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Though my decision to get a Wii U was an impulse buy, after enjoying the system for several months, and tracking the continued development of the Xbox One and PS4 cycles, I am convinced I made the best decision that day. I believe that right now, and in the near future, the Wii U is a much better choice than either the Xbox One or the PS4. The Wii U provides value, backwards compatibility, support of local co-op, and exclusives that the other systems cannot match.

The most obvious advantage the Wii U has over its competitors is value: it is the cheapest system to purchase by a good margin. Several Wii U bundles are available now, including some with the system’s best games packed right in the box. We picked the New Super Mario Bros. Wii U bundle, available for a reasonable $299. Unlike the PS4 or Xbox One, these bundles offer more for the same cost as the initial retail price of the system. The Kinect-less Xbox One is $399, the same price as the base PS4. Bundles are available for these other systems, but at a premium; A Kinect/Forza bundled Xbox One is available for $499, while an upcoming PS4 box packed with Destiny will cost $449. Clearly, the cost of the WiiU is a significant advantage.

Related to cost is the advantage of backwards compatibility. While the Wii U has an innovative tablet-like controller, it uses the same Wii Remote Plus that has been available for several years now. The nunchuk attachment works the same, as does the Classic controller. A Pro controller, shaped more like that of the Xbox One or PS4, is available, but is not required for any games at this time. Compatible controllers are widely available used if you want to save a few bucks.

Better yet, it’s not just the controllers that are compatible from the Wii to the Wii U. The Wii U can play all Wii game discs. There are several excellent Wii titles that all gamers would do well to check out, and the Wii U provides access to them all. Another great feature is transferring your downloaded Wii games to your Wii U. If you have a library of eShop titles for your Wii, you can easily move them over to a new Wii U and continue to enjoy them. The lack of backwards compatibility with the previous generation is a major deficiency for both the Xbox One and the PS4. To turn an old slogan, Nintendoes what Microsoft and Sony don’t.

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