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Co-Optimus Holiday Buyer's Guide Xbox 360 Edition
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Co-Optimus Holiday Buyer's Guide Xbox 360 Edition


Xbox 360 Gear 

You can't play games without any gear!  How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?  Here  comes the protein!

Xbox 360 Slim ($299.99)

The Xbox 360 Slim came out this summer.  It is supposed to be Red Ring of Death Free, and is more attractive because it's skinnier.  Just like a person!   There are numerous bundles available.  If you haven't picked up a 360 yet, what are you waiting for?  If it tries to lose any more weight to impress you, they're going to have to send it to a clinic.

Kinect ($149.99)

Microsoft's 3D camera peripheral has launched with a handful of games.  Some of these are a lot of fun in a group setting.  It even comes with a game, Kinect Adventures, which showcases the hardware's capabilities. As an added bonus you can get one bundled with the hot new Xbox 360 Slim.  Don't forget to check out our review.

Microsoft Transforming D-Pad Controller ($64.99)

Do you suffer from D-pad anxiety?  When you use your Xbox 360 controller's D-pad do you say to yourself, "Right, Up, or Down, just pick one and go with it,"?  Are diagonal directions literally impossible to maneuver?  Well someone at Microsoft feels your pain.  This is a first party solution; a new controller with a transmogrifying D-pad.  Simply twist to turn the 'saucer' into a 'cross.'  With this, you may actually be able to compete in those old school fighting games.

Kontrol Freaks ($9.99)

You may have seen them advertised here.  Some of the staff use them.  Morgan Webb of G4TV's X-Play said that "It feels like cheating."  Now, I don't normally trust Canadians, but I'm willing to go out on a limb here.  Kontrol Freaks thumb stick extenders can give you that extra edge you need in FPS, racing, or sports games.  They have a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors at kontolfreek.com

Steel Series Spectrum 5XB Headset ($89.99)

You want to get your game on Christmas Eve but the family is asleep?  The Steel Series Spectrum 5XB is a quality headset that will keep the explosions, blood curdling screams, and incoherent ramblings of the damned safely contained in the comfortable cloth-wrapped cans.  These are exclusive to the Xbox 360, and you can read more about them in our review.