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Co-Op Gaming versus Life
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Co-Op Gaming versus Life

Or, how I embraced adulthood and got on with it

Dear Diary, this week as been good, I have managed to play around three hours of co-op gaming.  What with the house, the job, the wife and the kids, getting some “Sam Time” is no longer as easy as it was.  Sometimes I feel like there is a constant battle between my Life and my Gaming, but which will win?

As a schoolboy and then a student of history, the time I had for gaming now seems almost as legend.  As soon as I got back from school or lectures I would boot up my Super Nintendo/PlayStation/Xbox and play for a couple of hours.  My brother/flatmates would soon turn up and an impromptu session of versus football or co-operative shooting would entail, but then came graduation.

Potential Weekly Co-Op Gaming Hours: 70