Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Co-Op Gaming versus Life - Page 3

Co-Op versus House

To an Englishman, his home is his castle.  It is also a massive albatross that hangs from his neck like a money sucking leech.  I love my new house, but the combination of tidying, repairs and paying for the damn thing really gets in the way of gaming.  If I am not standing in the pouring rain fixing the guttering with a shoe innersole (I am not very DIY handy), I am looking at all my potential gaming money being spent on keeping a roof over my head.  Gone are the days of buying the latest releases and basking in the new instruction manual smell; instead this is replaced with relying on a game rental service which provides random games – some co-op, others not.

Potential Weekly Co-Op Gaming Hours: 10

Co-Op versus Kids

I am yet to hear the sound of tiny feet running over my perfectly polished wooden flooring, but that is not to mean that Kids have not already made a heavy dent into my gaming time; especially co-op gaming.  My brother and many of my friends now have children and this means they have little to no time to play online.  I have to arrange several weeks in advance to get a game with a mate; even going so far as to arrange trips out for our wives so that we can stay at home and game.  When did it all get so difficult?   

Potential Weekly Co-Op Gaming Hours: 3