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Co-Op Gaming versus Life - Page 4

Co-Op = Life

Three hours, three lousy hours (if I am lucky).  I have gone from living an almost Matrix like existence in the online space, to being a man who cooks, cleans, works and dreams – but I love it.

I don’t see my increasing responsibilities as a burden, but as a joy.  No longer am I playing at co-op, but living it with friends, family and, of course, my wife.  For every hour of co-op gaming that work, wife, house and kids take away from me, they add hours of co-op life.  In fact, in many instances you can actually gain gaming time too:

  • Work – lets you pay for the games you want.  Getting the right work/life balance is key to a happy existence.  Do you work to live, or live to work?
  • Wife – a co-op partner in the house to play with you.
  • House – a great place to invite friends around to, for some old school local co-op
  • Kids – give them a few of years and break out the LEGO or Disney Infinity games, you will be playing more co-op than you know what to do with.

The important thing about co-operative gaming is not how many hours you get to play, but making sure you enjoy those hours when you get them.

Potential Weekly Co-Op Gaming Hours: Limitless