The Co-Op Games of 2015 Preview - Page 2

Now believe it or not, those are the ONLY confirmed games with release dates. That said there’s a lot more on the horizon that are expected to hit later this year. Most likely late summer and early Fall. Let’s take a look at some of the co-op shooters coming in 2015.


Rainbow Six Siege (PS4, One, PC) - We don't know much about this shooter's campaign yet, but it'll at least feature two player co-op.

Killing Floor 2 (PC/PS4) - The freakiest zombies you'll see in the goriest setting. Best experienced with three buddies by your side in four player online co-op.

Battleborn (PC, One, PS4) - A mix of MOBA and Shooter, distinct character styles and five player online co-op make up this one from Gearbox.

Homefront The Revolution (PC, One, PS4) - form your own online resistance with friends with a unique four player co-op mode.

Halo 5: Guardians (One) - and in November we'll likely see the next Halo game. While the co-op details have yet to be confirmed you can almost guarantee a co-op campaign since every Halo game has had support for it.

Mixed Genre

Perhaps shooting isn’t your thing. What if you want a game with a hint of RPG, or a dash of strategy. Maybe survival elements tickle your fancy. Luckily there’s plenty of co-op experiences for you.

Fortnite (PC, Others) - Epic Games' free to play shooter meets Minecraft game should see release this year and with it comes four player online co-op.

Dead Island 2 (PC, PS4, One)  - The action, shooter, rpg hybrid kicks things up with 8 player online co-op. This time its developed by Yager Interactive (Spec Ops: The Line), so expect a slightly gritter experience.

Hellraid (PC, PS4, One) - It looks like a spiritual successor to Heretic or Hexen, Hellraid is all about dungeons, loot, and gritty first person medieval style combat. Four player online co-op is supported.


If you’re looking for straight up chaos or action, the kind of games that usually incite laughter when playing on the couch with your buddies, there’s a few of those to look forward to this year.

Broforce (PC, PS4)  - 80s action heroes unite and take down all of the pixelated enemies in gory bloody detail. Explosions? Check. High fives? Check. Four player co-op? Check.

Helldivers (PS3, PS4) - A twin stick shooter with procedurally generated levels, gritty combat, and a world wide co-op campaign. Four player co-op.

Magicka 2 (PS4, PC) - Wizards, spells, Vlad, and "accidental" team kills. A new adventure is back for our robed friends with four player co-op. 

Fable Legends (Xbox One, PC) - Recently announced for the PC too with cross platform play, four heroes take on a villain as they quest for loot and glory. Four player online co-op.

Viking Squad (PS4) - Side scrolling beat em ups are some of the best couch co-op games, Viking Squad support three players.

The Rest

Finally we look at the rest of the games. We’ve got co-op games that are a little slower paced or larger in size. They’ve got the depth of an RPG or a tactical game.

Grim Dawn (PC) - We've been following the development of this Action/RPG since our site's inception, and the game has been in early access almost as long. Will we finally see the title officially release in 2015? Four player online co-op.

Dungeon Defenders 2 (PC, Mobile) - Action meets tower defense in the first full sequel to the hit game. More characters, more towers, upgraded graphics and more await players with four player co-op.

Rollercoaster Tycoon World (PC) - Build a theme park with friends. Design coasters. Ride coasters. Get a sugar high on cotton candy. Four player online co-op.


That's about it. Did we miss anything? We know there's a bunch of indie titles that should see release this year as well, but there's likely too many too cover and too much is up in the air. Let us know how we did in the comments below and which game you are most looking forward to!

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