ORION: Prelude

  • Online Co-Op: 5 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 5 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

Indie-Ana Co-Op and the Dev Stories - Games Cannot Fail - Page 5

The Trekking

With the success of ORION: Prelude we've started expanding our focus. Our core passion still remains within Interactive Software & Media however we will be extending our time, finances and resources into generating advancements and awareness into additional territories:

  • Energy - Clean
  • Intelligence - Artificial
  • Preservation - Nature, Wildlife and Historical

We are going to be involving our community every step of the way. We will be keeping you updated on our products, showcasing behind-the-scenes developments, sharing our inspirations and involving you with community events, competitions and fundraisers.

TREK Industries allows us to not only listen to what you’re involved with or passionate about but to act on it and support it in new and more fulfilling ways. With each addition the single goal is to improve the world in which we all share together..

We have sold everything we own, coupled it with savings and purchased an RV unit in one massive life and career transforming move. In return this not only lessens our footprint but has consolidated all belongings.

This new development model allows us to travel directly to the sources of my inspiration as well as interact with remote-based Developers, Partners and attend industry conferences with significantly lower expenses and a greater quality of life as a reward. We are going to be developing the next set of games all across North America and we will be sharing the entire experience with you in the form of TrekkingTV.

You can follow all of our adventures here. We thank everyone who's ever supported us, long or new. We thank people for keeping an open mind and for being willing to revisit our game that we have poured so much hard work into. We are very excited about what we are currently working on and cannot wait to share our next creations with you as soon as they are ready.