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Free games and dinosaurs

Steam Code Giveaway - Guardians of Orion and ORION: Prelude

ORION: Prelude was released back in 2012 to quite negative reviews. Over the years the developers continued to garner feedback and update the game, a process we documented in our Indie-Ana Co-Op with TREK Industries. Their next game, Guardians of Orion may be following a similar path. Since release it has transformed from a twin-stick shooter to a hybrid game where gamers can choose to play from any perspective. Both games are built around cooperative play.

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From zero to, well, certainly better than it was

ORION: Prelude Free-To-Play for a Week, Buy for $1

In the world of game development, there is definitely something to be said for perseverance. When ORION: Prelude released back in May 2012 (then known as ORION: Dino Beatdown), it seemed like it was dead on arrival. The developer, Spiral Game Studios, never gave up on it, though, and has continued to update, improve, and add on to the title. By all accounts, the game has significantly improved. To celebrate, the game is free-to-play for the next week and can be picked up for just a $1.

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