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#4: Special Co-op Attributes

"Hold still, I want to show you something."

Every mode in a game has to have some draw. The story mode gives your characters and a basic story to follow, arcade modes generally have a score to rack up, and a customizing mode allows you to be the creator. So, what then makes co-op much more attractive than simple single player gaming? Aside from the basic ability to share an experience, co-op can give players power boosts and special attacks. These combined bonuses add another level to the game's experience, one not seen in single player.

It's always more fun if you have to do something specific to work together. Games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance add power attacks for two characters attacking the same target, and it's sequel will be solely focusing on the Fused powers! Aegis Wing takes R-type to a new playground, when players can “link” ships for boosted power attacks against enemies, as well as the attached ships being able to shoot in any direction.

Get your super-powers on with these games:
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#3: Sharing

Sharin pills, somewhat safer than needles.

Time to share a little co-op story. When a friend and I were playing Gears of War on Insane difficulty, ammo was generally scarce to add to the difficulty. We were moving on to the next area with no ammo boxes in site and my friend asked if it was possible to trade ammo. After the initial disappointment of telling him the game doesn't offer a way to do that, we then began to joke about shooting one another, and digging out the bullets to reuse. If Rambo can do it, these muscle heads could do it too, right? Since most games don't work on the “Basic Properties of Rambo”, the simple ability to hand off ammo seems strange to overlook.

Luckily, someone paid attention to that whole sharing lesson in kindergarten, and the ability to trade off weapons, ammo, items, and even ally units is standard in many games. And while RE5's inventory management may get you killed in the middle of a horde of baddies, it's a welcome blessing when you run out of ammo.

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