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Co-Op Couples: A Little Give and Take
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Co-Op Couples: A Little Give and Take

    Anyone involved in some sort of daily or ongoing operations department knows that there is always a cost of operations to each and every task. Whether it's actual labor hours, equipment rental, or even office supplies...the cost of operations is a multi-faceted variable that you can't escape.

    As part of a couple, you'll find that this concept applies to a lot of functions in your relationship, including playing video games together. It's not too difficult to get a spouse to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band with you. However, it can be quite a task to convince hubby that it would be fun to play Top Spin 3 for the fourth time in a row. Likewise, guys, Left 4 Dead may not meet the lady's fancy (even though several of our couples here have managed to kick these stereotypes to the curb). What's a couple to do? Answer: something you don't really want to.

    Now, if you're lucky enough to have a significant other that loves every game that you do, you have two options:
    1. Pinch yourself. You're dreaming.
    2. Continue reading. You may think that you're immune...the truth is: you still have to maintain this special gift.

There's nothing quite like frying human scum with your spouse.

    Surely we've all heard the term "give and take" before reading this article...the ages-old phrase basically means that nothing of value is free (except for the Co-Optimus goodies on Co-Op Night!). For each reaction, there is first an action. Central air conditioning in the summer = high energy bill. 40 hours of work = two days off. If you play your cards right, chores and flowers = new experiments in Co-Op Couples gaming! Try it if you're not a believer: guys, leave the garbage in the garage for a week and see how much [hanky panky] comes your way. Ladies: cash your paycheck and stick it in your pocket...watch how fast the mall trip plans disappear.

    Of course, those are all negative examples. More positive actions will yield more positive results. Going beyond the call is liable to get you what you want, and if what you want is to play Unreal Tournament III with your better half, then you'd better get crackin'! Me, I built a deck on the back of the house. It's nothing special, but it's what my wife wanted. Two weeks later I spent my only eight hours off - during a busy work weekend - laying sod with my father-in-law and uncle. At the end of each grueling day, I was given the opportunity to choose the game that my wife would play with me, ignoring her disdain for a couple of hours. For me, it was co-op bliss. For her, it was fulfilling an obligation to reward her husband for his sacrifices. Don't ever forget the power of a little extra kindness to your sweetheart. Do a few more chores than usual, and your co-op partner has to play whatever you want them to.

    And with that last statement in mind, check back next year to see if the cost of operations at the McLaughlin home haven't significantly increased.

"I don't care if you washed my car. We're still playing Rascall Flatts on Guitar Hero."