Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CIX: Mythics, Cross-Play, and Season Passes - Page 2

Black Desert Receives Cross-Play Between PS4 and Xbox One
Beginning this month, Xbox One and PS4 players of Black Desert have the opportunity to pick between cross-play and platform-specific servers. As part of this update, the PS4 version of the game has received the Kamasylvia region and Archer character class. Conquest and Node Wars have already begun taking place on the cross-player servers.

New and returning players are eligible for special log-in rewards until April (in addition to the standard log-in rewards). These players will also be able to accept special quests from the NPC Captain Cliff at West Guard Camp. Once three objectives have been completed, players will be able to open a weapon box that is customized to the character class it’s opened by.

Bless Unleashed Launch
Bless Unleashed on the Xbox One had their Free-to-Play launch last week. At the moment, there are two NA servers (Physera and Lumeas) and one EU server (Teleos). The Bless Pass Season 1 is also live. The regular version is free and allows players to earn rewards (mostly consumables and Summoning tickets) by completing weekly missions. Players can also purchase an Enhanced Bless Pass from the Microsoft Store for $14.99, which gives additional rewards such as the Blue Buffalo Mount and the Bunnisher Costume.

That wraps it up for this month. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!