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B.Y.O.B. Co-op
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B.Y.O.B. Co-op

While we at Co-Optimus do not generally condone the act of competitive gaming, which, by definition allows you to dominate another player; there is a kind of co-op that does include domination, one we would like to paste a label on. This type of co-op can, if used correctly, be used against that game-hog sibling, spouse or significant other. Co-optimus would like to proudly introduce: B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bitch) co-op gaming. We've looked at a few examples of games that created the B.Y.O.B. co-op genre, all the way back to the days of the Sega Genesis, and culminate the list with recent entries on systems like the Xbox 360 and Wii.

This is the official Co-optimus.com list of B.Y.O.B. co-op titles. (This editorial is rated P for Profanity.)


Sooooonic, wait for meeeee!

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Let's face it, Sonics partner Tails is the original Bitch. Player two got to play this crazy fox with two tails that allowed them to fly, which sounds pretty cool - in theory. The problem is, the propeller-tails didn't allow Tails himself to move very fast, most time being left in the dust by player 1's Sonic. The only thing you were good for as player 2 was carrying Sonic up to hard to reach places, and assisting in boss fights. All Tails has to do now is make Sonic a chili-dog, and the domination would be complete.

Look, I'm helpin!

Super Mario Galaxy - In the Mario universe, Mario is Mario with Luigi being Marios twin who got lost in to a taffy puller - well, basically. Co-op in most Mario games allows each player to be one of these two similar characters, generally with a pass-the-controller style co-op between them. Two fair characters to do nearly the same task in a co-operative manner to complete levels. That is, until Mario Galaxy took the spotlight. Now, your pathetic player two is a star...that points at things on the screen...and collects points for unlocking things in Marios game. This player two is not a real player two. Mario has gotten so big, he's managed to lasso stars into being his bitch. Harsh.

My reticle is alien cockroach shaped!

Monsters Vs. Aliens - The Wii seems to think people like to point at things, giving Monsters Vs. Aliens the same floating reticle treatment as Mario Galaxy's star power. Instead of being a star, however, Monsters Vs. Aliens simply gives you a cross-hair and calls it player 2. This cross-hair is associated with Dr. Cockroach's beam weapon, but you're not given a physical body to show even your most roachy attributes. "You are an ambiguous weapon" - how much do you think that would mess with someones head at such an early age?