Co-Optimus - Editorial - Gearing Up for PAX

Gearing Up for PAX - Page 3

Jim McLaughlin

What is the most important item that you are taking with you?
For me, it's my Google phone. Camera + Twitter mobile + Google Calendar and Apps = my favorite tool, and a great time-waster.

What are you looking forward to the most at PAX?
I can't wait to meet people. Anyone. Whoever wants to shake my hand.

What will you miss the most while you're away from home?
My wife and daughter, hands down. They are my life.

What surprises do you think are in store for PAX?
I have no clue what I'm getting into, but I'm sure I'll be bombarded at every angle. I would like to be surprised by a new Star Wars Battlefront doubtful as that is.


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