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Jason Love

What is the most important item that you are taking with you?
The most important item there would have to be the notebook.It's a nice Moleskin that Mike and his wife gave me as a gift for my birthday earlier this year and I'm finally getting a chance to put it to use! While the laptop will help get everything out to the Co-Optimus community, those articles will start in that notebook


What are you looking forward to the most at PAX?
Like Kat, I can't wait to meet up with folks from all the different communities (Co-Optimus folks definitely come say hi to us all!), meeting my fellow Co-Optimus staffers for the first time, and pretty much the whole thing itself. PAX is just fun centralized in one location.

What will you miss the most while you're away from home?
This is a tough question to answer because I really like the Seattle area and PAX is pretty awesome so I'm going to say... I dunno... the ghost of Abraham Lincoln?

How do you plan to enjoy yourself at PAX?
Last year, I went to PAX not really knowing what it was like or what I was getting into. I pretty much ran everywhere and tried everything. This year, I plan to relax a little more. I've got a bunch of different things that I'll be covering for Co-Optimus, but I'm looking forward to just chatting with folks more and talking about the games instead of just running from booth to booth playing a demo.


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