Co-Optimus - Editorial - On The Download Issue 12: Welcome Back, Earthworm Jim

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On The Download Issue 12: Welcome Back, Earthworm Jim
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On The Download Issue 12: Welcome Back, Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim has made the leap to HD, looks incredible, and has a few things he'd like to say to the Download co-op crowd. We'll also take a look at the Summer of Arcade lineup, hyping ourselves up for a great upcoming July.

Co-optimus: Hello, Mr. Earthworm. It's been a long time - I don't think I've seen you since the Super Nintendo, how have you been?

Earthworm Jim: Oh, I'm feelin' just dandy, can't say I recall that Super Nintendo time, though. It's been a nice time off since I last saw fine gamer folks, gave me time to psych myself up for the big leap to them high definition dohickies.

Co-optimus: Why doesn't anyone remember the SNES EWJ? Oh well. Moving on, how have you felt about the change in difficulty for the game, which was easily the biggest qualm most of us had when playing almost 15 years ago.

Earthworm Jim: Way to make a worm feel old. I dig it, ya know? It helps more people enjoy the goofy things I can do, and I don't really feel dumbed down or nothin' - I mean, I'm a worm. I gotta say though, it's funny to watch you old gamers try to reminisce when you were frustrated enough to break your controllers when you were lil' squirts.

Co-optimus: Erm, right. Moving on then, how has the upgrade to HD accompanied by the inclusion of co-op been to you?

Earthworm Jim: It's been lovely. No really, it's real purty. We got a full overhaul, but the nice artists kept my original charm.

He says while flicking his wormtail off of his shoulder.

Earthworm Jim: The co-op has been a nice thing to add - I mean, they didn't barge in on my original gig, they just added my brothers with arms into a great little mode for people to play. For you old folks, there's also a bunch of new missions to play. Them developers really went all-out for lil' old me.

Co-optimus: Glad to hear it. We really like the inclusion of co-op -

Earthworm Jim: The in-whatin' of co-op?

Co-optimus: The, uh, addition of co-op. Having your buddies in the game. We like our buddies as much as your buddies, a lot.

Earthworm Jim: Ah, right, yep. I like my buddies, too - but they ain't Jim. There can only be one-a me.

Co-optimus: True enough. We have one final question, then we'll let you get back to whatever it is you've been up to for the time you've been gone. Will there be a reboot of the Earthworm Jim cartoon that many of us adored, complete with potential clones of your original suit - you know, co-op style?

Earthworm Jim: Oh, I dunno. They don't tell me anything important, they just make me shoot stuff and hover by spinning my head. They say somethin' about "the kids think it's funny" and don't tell me nothin' else. I guess I'm off ta shoot some birds then - those peckers just can't take a hint.

Well then, there you have it. The classic Earthworm Jim is in HD, and he's still his good old-fashioned self. It's nice to see developers not try to fix something that isn't really broken. Well, except for the difficulty, that was just crazy silly before (but in case you're a sadist, they kept the "original" difficulty in the main menu). Join a group of up to 3 other Jim's to complete the co-op section of the game. I'm down if you are. Oh, and PSN owners will get their hands on EWJ starting the 7th of July.